Your team needs a place to gather, collaborate, connect.

Skip the hotels. Skip the memberships. Skip into a collaborative space, large or small.

Our plans make it simple. Start with all day CoSolve access for your team then add private space, tech, and food as needed.

Hourly Rates Available with 2 hour minimum for non-members.

Monthly Subscriptions 
(1 day per month)
5% CoSolve discount

Weekly Subscriptions  
(1 day per week)
10% CoSolve discount
Free TV/Projector
Membership to CoSolve communication channels

Small Teams
2-3 Recommended People

Private Rooms
none        $45
half-day   $60
full-day    $80

11-16 Recommended People

Private Rooms
none        $120
half-day   $145
full-day    $190

4-6 Recommended People

Private Rooms
none       $65
half-day   $75
full-day    $95

7-10 Recommended People

Private Rooms
none      $90
half-day   $120
full-day    $150

16+ Recommended People

Private Rooms
half-day   $200
full-day    $300

All memberships receive full day access to CoSolve facilities.


We partner with select local companies that make food you actually like to eat.
No crappy hotel sandwiches is our guarantee. 

TV or Projector
half-day $7.50
full-day $15

Food & Drink
per person
Pay on location

Team Perks

Work Space
Hot desks. Standing desks.
Couches. Whatever your preference,
we've got you covered.

Fast Internet
Not only fast but redundant. We have
contracts with 2 ISPs so if one goes down,
we can switch over. 

Meeting Rooms
Multiple closed-door meeting
rooms, for client or team meetings,
presentations, or brainstorming sessions.


Coffee & Tea
Because we all know
caffeine makes the world go 'round.
Have as much as you like.

Collaborate over a whiteboard with your
hand-drawn pictures or ideas. We have whiteboards
located in almost every room. 

Local Discounts
Special discounts and deals
with local retailers and service
providers (when available).  


We have several 50 inch
displays on wheels with Chromecast
and Apple TV. We've also got a projector
and screen if you want to go bigger.